This Exoskeleton Gives Factory Workers Superhuman Strength

Technology is an amazing thing. While we are reminded daily how often we waste some ...

Technology is an amazing thing. While we are reminded daily how often we waste some of the greatest technology in the world – I mean we have access to quite literally every tidbit of information that exists on our phones, yet we use them to play games and watch cat videos – we do get to see how some are using it to make things better for those around us.

The footage you see below from EksoWorks shows a project they’ve worked hand-in-hand with Ford to deign to help reduce fatigue and hopefully provide other benefits to the men and women working in Ford’s factories. The contraption works like extra muscles basically, providing extra lift when the arms are raised to help reduce stress on the muscles used for these repeated motions. Some workers lift their arms over their heads 4,600 times a day, an incredible number of repetitions that certainly will take a toll on the muscles, even if the amount of weight being lifted is minimal.

With the potential reduction in fatigue, Ford and EksoWorks are hoping to not only reduce injuries, but increase morale amongst the workers, which is always a huge bonus for the workers who keep the factory running smoothly. The exoskeleton is still being tested, currently only being used in two of Ford’s factories, but we can see this spreading like crazy to many plants across the nation and beyond if it proves effective.

We’re glad to see companies like Ford take the initiative in reducing fatigue and increasing morale, as it’s never a bad thing to try to make life better for your employees. Hopefully the design works well and is implemented far and wide to help worker around the world feel a little better when they clock out at the end of each day. Now we just need somebody to invent one for the legs so those of us not blessed with height can know what it’s like to slam dunk!


Ford's New Exoskeleton Makes Lifting Heavy Parts A Breeze

This exoskeleton gives factory workers superhuman strength

Posted by NowThis Future on Monday, November 13, 2017

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