Murder Nova vs Melton’s Mustang At Cash Days

Well, this race is the very definition of anti-climactic. For this particular cash ...

Well, this race is the very definition of anti-climactic. For this particular cash days event, known fittingly as Small Tire Cash Days, the rules included a tire-size restriction, with no car allowed to run anything larger than a 29 x 10.5 tire on the rear. For anybody who’s been around these high-horsepower hotrods, you know hooking a small tire on the street is insanely tough, but the rules are the rules and everybody has to play by them. Shawn bolted up the small tires on the OG Murder Nova and headed out to throw down.

One key aspect to hooking any car on the street is the burnout, and Shawn certainly knows how to do a beautiful smoky burnout in the Murder Nova, laying down a pair of fresh sticky black marks to hopefully provide enough rubber to hook the car up. Big Chief guides him carefully back up the black marks to the starting line very slowly, giving the engine a little time to warm up and the tires a little time to cool down. All of these factors play a part in how well the car runs, and they have to be just right when time comes to drop the hammer. In the other lane, a newcomer – at least as far as we know – known simply as Melton follows the same procedure in his sinister black Fox Body mustang.

After the cars are backed up, the starter pulls them to the line. As soon as he stops Shawn and begins to step back to hit the light, Melton launches off the line, disqualifying himself and handing the win to Shawn. Knowing he had the win in the bag based on the disqualification, Shawn decided to hit the throttle and see how the car did. As you can see, it wasn’t pretty, with the car going up in smoke right off the line. Of course, now he has a little more data about the street conditions and can adjust his tuneup for the next round, which is pretty invaluable when it comes to racing on the streets.

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