EVEN MORE Brutal Full Throttle Downshifts, That 1-2-1 Shift Had to Hurt!

Just imagine rolling down the highway, patiently minding your business, when all of a ...

Just imagine rolling down the highway, patiently minding your business, when all of a sudden, your car locks up the brakes and send you flying forward. It definitely wouldn’t be a very welcome situation and might even be one that makes your heart jump out of your chest as you wonder exactly what happened. This time, we check out a situation with similar repercussions but this situation is about ten times worse when that the factors are really kicked up to a whole new level entirely, really making these drivers regret their mistakes on the racing surface.

Now, everybody makes mistakes now and then and nobody is a perfect driver, however, some of these mistakes end up hurting a lot worse than others. In this compilation video, we check out the situation that really brings the pain when this collection of drivers pounds gears through their respective quarter mile passes at the Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals, when all of a sudden, first gear is thrown, then second, which is followed by first once again. I’m sure that none of these drivers meant to do anything like this but, the results are all the same as the cars, which are all Hondas, surprisingly enough, lock up the front wheels which are accompanied by a set of slicks that dig down deep and stop the car on the spot, hurling the momentum in the opposite direction and lifting up the back tires as the weight completely shifts towards the nose.

Follow along in the video below as these insane mistakes end up costing big time. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this collection of guys walking around with a seat belt bruise across their chests as they would be sent flying forward. Like we said, everybody makes mistakes here and there but it just so happens that these mistakes ended up hurting a good amount more than others. Hey, look on the bright side, guys, at least the worst-case scenario didn’t unfold and you managed to keep it in between the walls and none of the situations spiraled into a crash.

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