Bobby Ducote in Lil Legend vs Gaston’s S-10 At Cash Days

When it comes to racing on the street, you really never know what’s going to ...

When it comes to racing on the street, you really never know what’s going to happen. Because the surface wasn’t exactly designed for drag racing, it can get a little bit temperamental at times, throwing drivers through a loop and doing all kinds of different things that are pretty unpredictable. This is why they call it the great equalizer. Basically, it can make fast cars even faster or slow them down a good bit. Sometimes, it’s more about being slow and steady, having a consistent car that’s not necessarily the fastest of the group but its consistency makes it able to take home street racing supremacy. All of these intertwined factors are what makes street racing so interesting to watch.

This time, we tune into a Cash Days battle that has Bobby Ducote in Lil Legend going mano y mano with Gaston’s Chevrolet S10. These cars are bringing tons of ability and power to the mix and seeing them go head to head is definitely a treat to be had. This time, it’s all about laying down as much power as you possibly can without crossing that threshold that would dictate that you’re putting too much to the ground for the street to handle. Finding that nice little middle ground is what it takes to reign supreme.

Follow along in the video down below that takes you along for the journey, putting you on location as the NXGonzo cameras were out and rolling, ready for both of these drivers to make their move in trying to advance past the other to move the next round in Cash Days. The best part about this kind of tournament is that you need to not only be consistent for one race but across a whole variety of races to take home all of all the money. Follow along in just one element of the entire Cash Days throwdown that has these two insane machines battling it out for the win.

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